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May 2022

It is hard to believe that another school year is ending. The 2022-23 school year has passed quickly and we are so proud of our students and staff for all they have accomplished this year. May is another busy month and here are a few of the highlights happening at CTHS.

Our district is having an important Bond election on Saturday, May 7. Three propositions (A, B, and C) are before the voters and all will have direct impacts on CTHS including facility and safety improvements, water bottle filling stations, and technology upgrades for students and teachers. Please exercise your right to vote in this important election.

Our ninth and eleventh grade students will be taking their STAAR examinations this month. On Tuesday, May 3 and Wednesday, May 4 our ninth grade students will be taking Algebra and Biology respectively. On Thursday, May 5, our eleventh graders will be taking the U.S. History exam. Successful completion of these examinations is a requirement for graduation. In addition, many of our students will take College Board Advanced Placement examinations beginning on Monday, May 2 and continuing through Friday, May 13. Many of our students will also be taking their industry-recognized certification examinations in their career pathways during May. All of our students are well prepared for their STAAR, AP, and industry-certification examinations taking place this month and we look forward to outstanding results and success for all students.

Many senior activities are taking place this month including our annual Senior Decision Day celebration on Friday, May 6 for students accepted into a college, university or the military. Our seniors will have final examinations on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, May 24-26 during the regular school day. They will turn in their tablets and have a graduation assembly on Monday, May 23 and graduation practice and checkout on Tuesday, May 24. On Wednesday, May 25, the senior Class of 2022 will have their senior breakfast, senior walk and video, and prepare for graduation. Seniors must come dressed for graduation with cap, gown, and tassel and all seniors will ride the bus from CTHS to NRG stadium for graduation at 2 pm. On Thursday, May 26, seniors will come to pick up their diplomas in the CTHS lobby from 9-10 am.

All students will turn in their tablet, case and charger on Monday, May 23 and final examinations for underclassmen will begin on Tuesday May 24. We will have a special early dismissal day at 11:35 am for all students on Wednesday, May 25 so that we can go to NRG for graduation and another early dismissal day at 11:35 am for students on the last day of school on Thursday, May 26. Breakfast will be served on both days, but no lunch. Buses will run regular routes to and from CTHS on both early dismissal days. Thank you for all your support and for a great year in 2021-22. Have a great summer!


Steven Fleming
Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School