Principal's Pen

Principal's Pen
November 2020

It is the Thanksgiving month and we are certainly blessed at CTHS. We continue to have more students returning for face-to-face instruction each week. We continue to implement the district and CDC guidelines for students and staff. We have had six confirmed student COVID cases and all of them have recovered. We have had three confirmed staff cases, with two of them recovered and one currently at home. We continue to practice social distancing and hand sanitization and all students and staff are wearing face coverings except while they are eating.

 I want to share with you some important dates and events coming this month.

 On Tuesday, November 3, students will have a holiday. This is a staff development day for our teachers. Students will return to their normal schedules on Wednesday, November 4.

On Wednesday, November 18, we will have extended day tutorials available. Students will be able to stay after school and work with their teachers to receive tutorials, complete make up assignments, attend club meetings, etc. We will have buses available at 4:30 p.m. to take students home who stay for our extended day.

College Week is the week of November 16-20 this year. Our district will have many virtual events available for students and parents so please check our campus and district websites for additional information.

Students and staff will observe the Thanksgiving holiday break during the week of November 23-27. We wish all of our students and parents a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We are currently receiving input from students and staff on a mascot for CTHS. As we enter our seventh year, it is time for us to have a mascot that represents our campus and serve as a rallying point for our students and staff. We will keep you updated on this process.

We know it is difficult for students to be successful in a virtual learning format. We encourage students and parents to look carefully at their student’s academic performance and consider returning to face-to-face instruction. It is also difficult for students to master the skills and applications necessary to earn their industry certifications while at home. We will have another opportunity for our junior and senior students who are currently virtual learners to come to CTHS on Friday, November 13 during their assigned CTE pathway course time to practice their skills and work toward their certification. We strongly encourage juniors and seniors to take advantage of this opportunity.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement for your student to return to CTHS full time for face-to-face instruction. Great things are happening at CTHS! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving month!

Steven Fleming

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