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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • CTHS is an application-based school of choice serving students in grades 9-12 in a full day school setting.

    Students receive core course instruction (Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies), elective course instruction (World Languages, Physical Education, Art) and highly specialized Career and Technical course instruction in their chosen program of study.

    CTHS is organized around six career academies with specific career and technical programs of study. The six career academies are:

    • Agriculture Academy
    • Business & Human Service Academy
    • Health Services Academy
    • Manufacturing & Construction Academy
    • Technology & Engineering Academy
    • Transportation & Logistics Academy
  • Students have opportunities to:

    • Choose a career and technical program of study within one of six career academies
    • Engage in rigorous and relevant career-related and project-based learning activities
    • Graduate from high school with career-related experiences
    • Complete an industry-recognized certification or license (if applicable)
    • Earn college credits through dual credit courses at San Jacinto College or through Advanced Placement courses
    • Participate in internships or field experiences within their chosen career pathway (if available)
    • Interact with business, industrial and community partners and leaders within their chosen career field
    • Give of themselves to their school, district, and community through community service activities
    • Build friendships through collaborative and competitive activities and career-technical student organizations
  • The following expectations apply to students who attend the Career and Technical High School: 

    • Enroll in the course sequence appropriate for their chosen career and technical program of study.
    • Complete a minimum number of hours of community service as submitted to and documented by CTHS.
    • Take the PSAT as a 9th,10th and 11th grade student.
    • Take the SAT as a 12th grade student.
  • CTHS is a school of choice open to all high school students in the Pasadena Independent School District.

    • Applicants must be current 8th, 9th, or 10th grade students in the Pasadena ISD.
    • Students must complete and submit all application documents within the specified application timeline. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
    • There is no fee to complete or submit an application.
  • Students will complete and submit an online application during the application window from October-December.

    The application includes:

    • a first and second choice of career pathway programs of study
    • a short answer written response addressing the student's choice of career pathway and programs

    A student interview with the pathway instructor may be scheduled.

  • No fee is required to apply to CTHS.

  • Students must complete and submit all application materials by the application deadline.

    • At the close of the application period, completed applications are sorted by the student’s requested career program of study. 
    • Applications are reviewed by career and technical program of study instructors and interviews with students may be scheduled. Student attendance, discipline, and overall academic performance are also reviewed.
    • Final admission decisions are based on available staff, student requests, and overall student application information. 
  • All students with a completed application will receive email notification regarding their application status. 

  • Students must click the confirmation link in their notification email by the date specified. Failure to accept their seat by the due date will result in the removal of the admission offer to the student.

  • No. Once a student has applied and been accepted, their admission renews annually unless the student and/or parent chooses to withdraw from CTHS.

  • A student may submit a request to change their career program/pathway one time after acceptance to the CTHS.

    The student must follow the required process for requesting a change in their career program/pathway as coordinated by the campus counseling center.

    • The student and parent(s) must understand that a change of program/pathway may result in a student having to take one or more prerequisite courses designed for students at a lower grade level and the possibility of completing courses during summer or evening school to create room within the student’s schedule for the newly selected career program/pathway courses.
    • Once a student begins their 11th grade year, the student must continue their chosen career pathway through to graduation.
    • Current students have first priority to change their pathway before offers are made to incoming students.

    All requests for changes are subject to space available requirements.

  • Students are served according to their Individual Education Program (IEP) through instructional support in a regular classroom setting. Students whose Individual Education Program indicate that they should receive modified content in a subject area are served in a regular classroom setting with content modifications implemented by the teachers.

    A special education transition counselor, support facilitation teachers, special education case managers, along with district special education staff, will ensure proper implementation of all Individual Education Programs.

  • Yes. Career and Technical High School supports EL students by providing a regular education setting that includes Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) classes. 

  • Yes. Students earn their fine arts credit through classes in art, drawing, theatre arts or floral design.

  • Yes. There are numerous opportunities for students to participate in leadership, service and honor organizations. Career-Technical Student Organizations (CTSO’s) are available in each academy and many specific career pathways. Clubs, organizations and honor societies based on student interest are also available.

    • Traditional on-level courses
    • Pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses 
    • Specialized electives that support CTE pathways
    • Student support (e.g., SIOP, support facilitation)
    • 20 CTE programs of study with industry-recognized curriculum and equipment
    • Dual credit courses through San Jacinto College 
    • Career and Technical High School is a 1:1 campus with each student being issued a district device.
    • CTHS is a completely wireless environment in which students and teachers are able to access the internet anywhere within the building.
    • Campus and teacher websites are available for students, parents and community members to access.